Mia Rio is a trilingual Brazilian-American singer and actress based out of Atlanta, GA. Mia was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to a military family, but spent most of her years in Brasilia, the capital, before moving to America in her early adult years. 

Mia started her career in church musical theater as early as 10 years old. As a teen, Mia became part of worship teams, church and school choirs, dance teams and performed in street theater, combining all her passions into one. The love for reaching God's heart by singing Worship music drove Mia into starting the Brazilian Worship group Arca (Ark in English) along with her best childhood friend Max Martins. The love for sets and screens came years later during Mia's studies of Journalism and Advertising at the Universidade de Brasilia (UnB), a top 10 university in Brazil, even though Mia had already written, directed and starred in her first short film titled The Testament at 11 years old. Having to juggle her corporate and creative lives as a young adult, Mia developed a career in Experiential Marketing while casually pursuing Music and Acting, booking her first acting role in 2008 for a Virginia based law firm commercial. A perceived success in Music came shortly after with Mia getting signed to Javo Records in 2009 as Michelle Paulino after being discovered on MySpace by Gospel Rap pioneer Lil' Raskull. Mia was later signed to a second label and started moving towards a positive secular Pop sound with her single Good Girl, going independent and later adopting the alias Mia Rio in 2017. Releasing her lead independent single Dynamite Love, Mia has racked over 56,000 streams of the single with no Marketing. The song appears on the TV show Vida on STARZ and was a finalist with honorable mention in the EDM category of the 2017 International Songwriting Competition, judged by names such as Lorde, Natalie Grant and Ziggy Marley. Mia decided to take a big plunge into Acting in 2015 after witnessing Captain America: Civil War shooting for over a month at the Porsche Headquarters in Atlanta where she worked. The transition was far from easy, especially after learning the hardships of the Acting career pursuit and having been establishing herself more and more in the Music Industry along the years. Mia pursued on-screen Acting in independent productions and also became a stand-in on a few network shows to learn the ropes of the industry. After a job at Google Fiber in Atlanta, Mia realized that it did not matter how great of a corporate journey she had, sets and stages are where her heart is. Signed to East Coast Talent Agency for acting, Mia landed her first role in Television on the Oprah Winfrey show 'Greenleaf', shot at Eagle Rock Studios in Norcross, GA and has acted in over 20 film and TV projects since 2018. Since the 2020 pandemic, after choosing that time to deepen her relationship with Jesus, Mia has returned to her Worship roots where she believes she truly belongs to and is releasing her first Worship project ever. Mia designs her own T-shirt brand {PURE} that advocates for the idea of a woman that does not conform with this world. She stands out for thinking out of the box while having higher standards for herself. She redefines the idea of success, beauty, and happiness. 

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