Track Number: 5

Track Duration: 3:42 min

Alternative Title: Our Synergy

Songwriter: Mia Rio

Producer: Prob-Le-Matic @problematic_music

Mixing Engineer: Timothy Long 

Mastering Engineer: Timothy Long

Produced in: Atlanta, GA

Recorded at: Jonie Stone's Home Studios, Cumming, GA

Engineered at: Jonie Stone's Home Studios, Cumming, GA

Synergy - Mia Rio
00:00 / 00:00

It's like the stars collide

Right in my bones

And I can feel the chill

The thrill rocking me inside

Awaking love

The first time I see heat

Made me paralyzed

Changed the atmosphere

Like a shooting star

You fell into me

Feels like magic (2x)

Our synergy (2x)

Is this our paradise

I'm feeling numb

From all the hurt I hid within

I am so alive

And now you run through me

lke electricity

No more black & white

You color my dreams

Just like rainbow lights

Shine on the eclipse 

Feels like magic (2x)

Our synergy (2x)

This love is perfect, powerful (2x)

Our synergy (2x)

Our universe

It spins, it spins

We crash on each other

Like the sea waves

Our synergy (2x)

Here's a memorable moment of synergy!

Love + Influence = transformation. I had the pleasure to see Tim Tebow using his influence to spread his love in favor of the Down Syndrome cause and transform their lives. I had the honor to support financially as well as volunteer

at one of his Night To Shine events. Visit for more info.

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